Group Policy

We kindly ask for your understanding that a group policy is put into place in order to efficiently secure your reservation. For group appointments, we must arrange for additional staff and refuse our walk-in clientele in order to accommodate your party.

For parties of (3) or more:

  • Name, phone number, and credit card information are required for reservation
  • Party reservations begin at $60 per person (combination of spa manicure and simple pedicure OR simple manicure and spa pedicure). Other options may be available upon request. Please see our menu of spa services offered, listed under “Spa Services.”
  • Cancellation is required at least 24 hours ahead of the reservation
  1. If there is no cancellation 24 hours prior to the reservation, the party will be charged 30% of the services booked (cancellation fee).
  2. If entire party (total number of services reserved) does not arrive and/or cancels without a 24-hour notice, there will be a 30% charge of the remaining services booked
  3. For those clients who are unable to cancel at least 24 hours prior to the reservation, we offer clients to purchase a gift certificate of the service booked (for use at a later time) in place of the 30% cancellation fee
  4. Please note: If one or more persons in your party cannot attend, please let us know ahead of time and there will be no cancellation charge. Also, if you are running late, please remember to give us a call; after the time of reservation, we are no longer required to hold your appointment and may not be able to accommodate your entire party thereafter.
  • For company and corporate clients who choose to pay with their corporate cards, we will gladly allow gratuity to be paid by card at a minimum of 20%.
  • We are not responsible for any food, beverage, goods, and etc. deliveries.
  1. If you are expecting a food delivery, please let us know in advance, as we will gladly hold it until the time of your arrival.